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Seating Collection

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The name ARTIKO is the idea behind the design.  In Esperanto, it means "joint", and the collection is based on the possibilities of freely joining different shaped modules.  Its sculptural curves and gently rounded edges the ARTIKO offers maximum comfort with a minimalistic look.



Fabric Collections

Finish Collections


Finish Collections

  • Fabrics - certificates:  Oeko-Tex, Ecolabel

  • Modules to be freely configured

  • Metal segment connectors with a lock

  • Seats and backrests upholstered with high quality fabrics

  • Optional coffee tables installed on the joint between seats

  • Medley, Atlantic, Vita, Mica, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Synergy, Tessa, Oceanic, Quest, Grain

  • Group IV:  Atlas, Leather

Metal​ Frame

  • M010 Light Grey Semi-Matte / M014 Red Semi-Matte / M027 Blue Semi-Matte / M115 Black Semi-Matte

  • Offices:  Reception / Lounge 

  • Hospitality:  Hotel Lobbies / Nightlcubs

  • Clinics:  Medical / Spas

  • Other:  Airports / Shopping Malls / Schools

  • ARTIKO starting at $5310 USD

The ARTIKO Seating Collection

The ARTIKO Family Video

The mediabox is not available in North America

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