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Furniture Care

Proper furniture care is outlined for both surfaces and fabrics.  Understanding how to care for your furniture will extend the longevity of your furnishings.


  1. Furniture should be used as intended, in rooms protected against the effects of harmful weather conditions.

  2. Do not place furniture in the immediate vicinity of heat source.

  3. Do not expose furniture in direct sunlight.

  4. Follow the assembly instructions, operating on a clean and level surface free from foreign elements.

  5. Mount the fittings on a hard surface.

  6. Level the furniture before using it.

  7. Do not move furniture with a full load.

  8. Do not move furniture by holding the table top, as this may damage the structure.

During use:  

  • protect cabinets and shelves against falling over

  • do not overload the shelves

  • do not step on the furniture

  • do not hang cabinets directly above workstations

  • do not leave open drawers and doors in cabinets

  • do not expose the furniture to direct contact with liquids.  

  • remove any liquid spilled on the surface immediately

  • do not place hot objects on the work surface (use coasters)

  • the use of chemicals for furniture maintenance requires testing in a less visible place to avoid dame.

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