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Office Booths

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Inspired by industrial architecture and industrial style, HAKO means "a box" in Japanese and refers to a traditional Japanese check that underlines the modular construction.  The HAKO office booths support the acoustics of contemporary office spaces.  Its successful design allowed the elimination of the floor without loosing the stability of the booth.  It is wheelchair accessible and facilities cable management.  Automatic lighting and silent fan boost the comfort of work.  



  • Sound absorption level: 25,7 dB

  • Acoustic parameters proven by an ISO 23351-1:2020 examination

  • Automatic lighting system with wireless switch

  • Quiet ventilation system with speed adjustment

  • Airing function: ventilators work p to 5 minutes after leaving the booth

  • Available with / without integrated floor

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • North American electric system

Fabric Collections

  • Mica, Medley, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Synergy, Oceanic, Quest, Grain

  • Group IV:  Atlas

Finish Collections


  • M010 Light Grey Semi-Matte / M014 Red Semi-Matte / M154 Anthracite Semi-Matte


  • Hako Office Booth - 1 person

  • Hako Meeting Booth - 2 to 4 people  

  • Hako XL Meeting Booth - Up to 6 people


  • Offices:  Open spaces / Chill zones  

  • Hospitality:  Hotel Lobbies  

  • Other:  Airports / Libraries / University Campuses / Shopping Malls 


  • HAKO Office Booths starting  at $10,400 USD

HAKO Booth

1 person 

HAKO Meeting Booth 

2-4 people 

HAKO XL Meeting Booth 

Up to 6 people

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