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Office Phone Booth Pod


Quiet zones in demanding, buzzing office spaces, the HANA acoustic phone pod perform well even in the most dynamic spaces.  Thanks to the compact construction and ergonomic form of a phone booth, HANA will work in even a small room.

The HANA pod ensures space for phone conversations and creates an ideal environment that improves concentrations and guarantees privacy.



Fabric Collections




  • Walls made with the same technology as the A-class sonic acoustic screens

  • Sound-absorbing upholstery materials inside and outside

  • Automatic two-point lightening system

  • Automatic ventilation with adjustable speed

  • Top panel outside - MDF 28 mm

  • Body - 58 mm upholstered walls with acoustic filing

  • Shelf - MDF board 28 mm, lacquered

  • Mica, Medley, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Synergy, Oceanic, Quest, Grain

  • Group IV:  Atlas

86 3/8" x 24 3/8"

2195 mm x 619 mm

  • Offices:  Open spaces / Chill zones  

  • Hospitality:  Hotel Lobbies  

  • Other:  Airports / Libraries / University Campuses / Shopping Malls 

  • HANA Office Phone Booth is  $8630 USD

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