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Seating Collection

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Distinctive form and modular design, the KAIVA is a soft furniture system that leaves the final decision regarding the shape and look to the user.  The block construction was inspired by stacked stones.  Without going to the meeting room, the KAIVA can create an area for team building meetings or group conversations with integrated seats and backrests in  a variety of heights provides acoustic comfort, blocking out noise.

KAIVA stands for "conversation" in Japanese.



Fabric Collections

Finish Collections



  • Modular construction

  • Wooden frame, upholstered plywood backrest and foam seat

  • High acoustic screens: Sonic technology, A-class acoustics certification

  • Medley, Atlantic, Vita, Mica, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Synergy, Tessa, Oceanic, Quest, Grain

  • Group IV:  Atlas, Leather

Metal​ Frame

  • M009 Aluminum Semi-Matte / M015 White Semi-Matte / M115 Black Semi-Matte / M154 Anthracite Semi-Matte

  • Offices:  Reception / Lounge Areas / Open space

  • Hospitality:  Hotel Lobbies 

  • Clinics:  Medical / Spas

  • Other:  Airports / Shopping Malls / Schools / Dealerships / Banks

  • KAIVA starting at $2390 USD

The KAVIA Family Collection

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