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Seating Collection

SEATING MESH MDD A60011_R60011_M015 A67030_R60011_M015 A60025_R6099_M115 A66064_R60999_M11

Modern, dynamic line and distinctive design, the MESH collection of has been designed in accordance with the idea of customization.  The concept leaves the final decision regarding the appearance of the seating to the end user.  The ability to select the type of shield, color schemes, type of fabric and frame finishes makes each MESH seating a one of a kind.  



Fabric Collections

Finish Collections

MESH Family



  • Seat and backrest made of non-flammable foam

  • Metal frame, moulded foam and upholstery

  • Three sizes of shields to choose from

  • The shield designates the space and has acoustic properties

  • Awards:  iF Design Award, Must Have

  • Shield:  Runner​

  • Medley, Atlantic, Vita, Mica, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Synergy, Tessa, Oceanic, Quest, Grain

  • Group IV:  Atlas, Leather

Metal​ Frame

  • M010 Light Grey Semi-Matte / M011 Dark Grey Semi-Matte . M012 Dark Green Semi-Matte / M013 Burgundy Semi-Matte / M014 Red Semi-Matte / M016 Pearl White Semi-Matte / M026 Olive Semi-Matte / M027 Blue Semi-Matte / M028 Brick Red Semi-Matte / M029 Yellow Semi-Matte / M030 Beige Semi-Matte / M115 Black Semi-Matte 

  • Three seater sofa / Two seater sofa / Armchair / Coffee table / Side table

  • Shield size:  Small / Medium / Large

  • Offices:  Reception / Lounge Areas / Executive Offices

  • Hospitality:  Hotel Lobbies / Night Clubs

  • Clinic:  Medical / Spas

  • Home:  Living rooms / Home offices

  • Other:  Car dealerships

  • MESH starting at $2050 USD

The MESH Family Collection

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