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Adjustable COMPACT DRIVE Desk provides the possibility to create an ergonomic workstation in a small space.  Folding legs makes it a versatile desk which can be stored when not in use.  The electrical height adjustment allows the user to adjust the worktop height to meet their needs.  

Home Office Small Electronic Folding Desk
Compact, electronic sit/stand desk
home office compact drive mdd (12)-min.jpg
Compact sit/stand home office desk
Compact electronic sit/stand desk

OGI DRIVE COMPACT DESK starting at $1710 USD


  • Electrical Height Adjustment in the range of 540 mm - 1190 mm

  • Sit/Stand function with independent height adjustment

  • One of the most quiet motors on the market, only 48 dB

  • Small dimensions and easy to arrange

  • Foldable legs

  • Optional setting memory and Bluetooth app

  • Anti-collision system

Finish Options

Worktop Finishes

  • MFC Wood - 26 Aluminum Satinato / 31 Canadian Oak / 29 Polar Birch / 64 Cocoa / 67 White Pastel / 106 Lowland Nut / 154 Anthracite / 08 Black / 167 Grey Oak / 168 Natural Oak / 169 Honey Oak / 170 Acacia / 171 Dark Walnut

Metal Finishes

  • M009 Aluminum Semi-Matte / M015 White Semi-Matte / M154 Anthracite Semi-Matte / M115 Black Semi-Matte




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