Updated: Oct 15

We are excited to introduce a new collection of reception desk finishes that are inspired by Biophilia.

Reception Desk: VALDE - 174 Beige Matte with 73 High Gloss Grey

Seating: GRACE - M-68005 Medley Dark Olive with Light Grey Metal Frame

NEW Colours for 2021

It's a fresh start for 2021, and as we are able to step outside again, free to move around and interact with others, there is now more than ever a need to reconnect with the outdoors. The thought of going to work, back indoors for long periods of time, is a hard concept for many to grasp. It can cause stress, create anxiety and a complete lack of motivation. Therefore, this maybe the perfect time to incorporate biophilia design in your office.

What is Biophilia Design?

The word biophilia originates from the Greek word 'philia' meaning 'love of'. Biophilia means 'love of living things' and biophilia design is the way of promoting ones well being through the placement of elements found in nature in the workplace. Therefore, embodying biophilia design into the workplace has become very popular, especially with recent events. Surrounding ourselves with design forms, colours and finishes inspired by the earth, plants, sea and sky gives us the feeling of connecting with the outdoors and nature which can reduce stress and create a sense of calm and relaxation.

You can find inspiration in the forms of our furniture and colours that we offer to incorporate biophilia design into your workplace.


Hues of earth tones - soft browns, stone greys, and terra cotta reds

Finish: 174 Beige

Matte finish - FORO Reception Desk

Finish: 175 Truffle

Matte finish - VALDE Reception Desk

Finish: 176 Red

Matte finish - FORO Reception Desk

Finish: 177 Grey

Matte finish - WAVE Reception Desk


Hues of green tones - light and dark greens

Finish: 178 Avocado

Matte finish - VALDE Reception Desk

Finish: 179 Bottle Green

Matte finish - VALDE Reception Desk


Hues of blue tones - bold blue and delicate blue

Finish: 180 Prussian Blue

Matte finish - WAVE Reception Desk

Finish: 184 Sky Blue

Matte finish - WAVE Reception Desk

Our new colour are available for the following reception desk collections!


Contact us today to learn more about incorporating biophilia design in your workspace!


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