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Meet the New School Family!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

The NEW SCHOOL collection was designed with nostalgia in mind.

Inspired by the traditional form of a school chair, the NEW SCHOOL collection is a modern, re-imagine design that is comfortable while being sleek and minimalistic. The idea for the NEW SCHOOL seating and table collection was to create one aesthetic look, that can be configured to different spaces and functions. Its Scandinavian

The New School Collection

NEW SCHOOL is part of the family furniture collection that includes chairs, chairs with backrest, high stools, tables, bench style tables and high tables. The aesthetic design is reflected in each piece and the collection shares similar detailing. Common elements are the light metal bases, modern design, contemporary materials and a bold color palette. Each individual furniture looks different while at the same time is harmonious when paired together.

The idea behind the NEW SCHOOL collection is versatility and contextually. The new modern styling of the NEW SCHOOL has become a popular design look for restaurants, lecture halls and office canteens. The NEW SCHOOL collection works perfectly in home interiors. Place the NEW SCHOOL in kitchen or dining room spaces.

NEW ADDITION for 2022!


The NEW SCHOOL armchair with headrest introduces a new level of comfort. A refined new version of the chair has added additional comfort with an integrated footrest and a headrest. The designers wanted most of all to develop an optimal angle and tilt of the seat, resulting for deeper relaxation and rest. The NEW SCHOOL lounge reclines into different seating positions.

The footrest has been added to complement the armchairs. The footrest can also be added as a separate piece of furniture.

Designers: Form Us With Love

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