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Meet the Stilt family!

An industrial modern furniture collection inspired by slender steel tubing and soft luxurious seating

At first glance, the Stilt furniture collection will set the tone to any space. It is the epitome of industrial modern design. Its metal framework evokes the feeling of the industrial age while the soft sculptural foam seating adds modern elegance and classical charm.

The Stilt Collection

Stilt is part of the family furniture collection that includes low and high back seating, poufs and shelving furnishings based on the design styling of four stilts serving as the foundation to this collection.

Attention to Detail

Additional elements have been added to the Stilt seating to make the work day that much easier. A USB connection is discretely placed in the top of the steel tubing and the cording runs through the leg so few wires show.

A worktop has been designed to be an extension of the steel tubing frame and castors can be added for ease of movability.

This industrial modern styling has become a popular theme for restaurants, loft living and hotel lobbies. The key idea behind the Stilt collection was to develop a seating and shelving system that can allocate space within an area while still being comfortable and functional.

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