Planning a Return to the Workplace

Updated: May 19

Creating a safe work environment is every businesses top priority. As we begin to flatten the curve and make decisions for returning to the workplace safely, the office arrangements and existing furniture may not be completely conducive to accommodate the current situation. Social distancing is here to stay, or at least for a while, and workplaces are now taking every measure to ensure that they can open their businesses while staying within the safety guidelines.

There are multiple factors that you will have to take into consideration when opening your doors again. Factors that will have to be reviewed are; the type of business conducted, the size of your workspace, the current furniture layout, office flow and movement and how you still want to communicate your brand within the changes that have to be made. Each business is different and no "one-size fits all" design layout is going to work for everyone. With proper safety measures in place, employees and guests will feel at ease when entering your workplace.

Our one-stop shop of furniture collections makes it easy to completely outfit your office, retail, institution or clinical space. Whether it is a new office space, redesign or the need for additional furniture pieces to create a safe work environment, we are here to assist you with your office furniture needs.


The reception is the first location where employees and guests will be entering your business. Sanitary stations should be front and center at the entrance of your workplace. Sneeze guards at the reception desk keeps a safe distance between employees and guest. Should guests need to sit while waiting, the use of high back seating and spacing 6' apart is essential. The use of partition walls are stylish while functional and are ideal for blocking access to areas that would typically be an open space creating a privacy while social distancing.

Reception Area:

ALPA Reception Desk, Sneeze Guards, Partition Wall, Kavia Seating and Bazalto Tables

Reception Area:

VALDE Reception Desk, Sneeze Guards, Mesh Seating and Tables

Reception Area:

LINEA Reception Desk, Sneeze Guards, Viva Partition Wall, Ulit & Shape Seating and Bazalto Poufs


The safety of your employees is extremely important and the selection and placement of workstations will need to be considered. Open spaces has its fair share of challenges but with furniture planning, selection and proper placement employees will feel at ease when working. Plexi extensions have been designed as a temporary addition to our desk panels adding more protection when employees are seated across from one another. Open workstation layout planning should include 6' of distance between desks, and partition walls can be placed to create a private space within an open area. Partition walls can also be used as a guide for movement throughout the workspace.

Workstation Area:

OGI N, Managerial Storage, Desk Panels, Plexi Extensions, Partition Wall, Sava Task Seating, Kavia Seating, Bazalto Tables, Bookcases, Ulti Chairs, Tack Table and Sneeze Guard

Workstation Area:

Ergonomic Masters with Managerial Storage, Desk Panels, Plexi Extensions, Viva Partition Wall and Ultra Seating

Workstation Area:

OGI A Radial Desk, Desk Panels, Plexi Extension, Sonic Partition Walls, New School Seating, Bazalto Poufs and Wall Mounts

Workstation Area:

OGI Q Bench, Desk Panels, Plexi Extension, Sonic Partition Walls, Sava Task Seating, Wall Mount Panels


We have all been conducting daily meetings through the use of video conferencing. However, at some point we will go back to in person meetings. Gathering groups of people together in a confined space can be challenging. The use of different color seating as indicators for social distancing, partition walls, sneeze guards and wider conference tables can be ways to overcome these challenges.

Conference room:

Tack Conferencen Table and Shila P Visitor Seating

Workstation Area:

Folding Tables PFT, Shila P Visitor Seating and Viva Partition Walls (rotates 360 each panel independently)

Huddle Area:

High Tables, New School Seating, Sneeze Guards, Tri-color Bookcases and Filing Cabinet with Acoustic Wall Mount

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