The Essential Guide to Corporate Office Interior Design

Updated: Apr 8

An office is a place where your employees are spending a vast portion of their day. For this reason, it is important to focus on office interior design so that you are giving your staff a pleasant working environment that boosts creativity as well as productivity. Here are a few important aspects of corporate office interior design to keep in mind for your business.

The importance of well-designed working space

  • Working areas - When designing the seating areas for your employees, it is important to keep the number of employees you have in mind at all times. Individuals are often more effective when working at a single table with panels to create a workspace. Use this principal and set up desks for a specific number of employees.

  • Reception - This is the first area that potential clients will see when visiting your organization. Therefore, your office interior design should pack a punch in this area. One of the biggest decisions you will make is selecting the ideal reception desk. It is an investment piece that is often not replaced for a long time.

  • Meeting rooms - When you run your own business, you and your workers may be spending a lot of time in the conference room. Make sure to include a table that is large enough to seat both your workers and visitors while maintaining a good social distancing.

Other office interior design aspects

  • Lighting - This is one of the most important aspects in an office space. Make sure that your office has large amounts of natural lighting with a few supplementary lights to provide adequate light to keep workers alert and focused.

  • Color scheme - The colors you use to decorate your office will prove your working area with a point of interest while keeping everything cohesive. Just be sure to use subtle shades on the walls and brighter colors on accent pieces like seating or panels.

  • Furniture - Your employees will be using the furniture in your office for the majority of the day. Ensure that all your office furniture is both comfortable and durable. It is best to invest in quality instead of quantity. You want to make sure you purchase commercial grade finishes instead of residential. Your office furniture must be able to take wear and tear. You don't want to be replacing pieces within a few years. Commercial grade is hard wearing.

  • Storage - An often overlooked aspect of the office is your storage. Proper storage will help to keep your office clean and organized. Make sure that you include enough storage when designing your office so that every item has a place to be stored.

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