Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Have you ever imagined a work environment that is visually more calming, balanced and tranquil? The workplace can be stressful enough without your work environment being the same. Adding furniture pieces that embrace some of the principals of Zen, employees have been found to be more productive and creative.

Incorporating elements of Zen

  1. Aesthetic Style: minimalistic lines - modern design

  2. Neutral Colours: warm - earth tones - light hues (whites, greys, creams)

  3. Natural Elements: bamboo - stones - water - light woods

  4. Finishes: smooth finishes - soft fabrics

ZEN Reception Desk:

Ideal for small interior spaces, the ZEN reception desk is eye catching with its three rectangular sections that are highlighted with mini LED lighting. Its aesthetic design is perfect for greeting guests at your restaurant or beauty salon. Add two ZEN desks together to create the look in the photo.

Finish: 67 White Pastel

OGI W Workstation:

Modern elements combined with natural woods will never go out of style.


26 Aluminum Satinato (light grey) worktop

Ash natural wood legs

ULTRA Visitor Seating:

A modern design to the traditional club chair, the ULTRA visitor seating offers a comfortable profiled seat with streamlined design. Select a beige fabric for the ULTRA seating, to reflect sand that would be found in a Zen garden.

Fabric suggestion:

River RV-21 Beige (velour)

BAZALTO Office Pouf:

Stones play an important part of Zen design as a symbol of endurance. Hexagonal form of the BAZALTO poufs, was inspired by the stones of Irish Giant's Causeway. Adding a few BAZALTO poufs in both high and low heights will add that element of Zen to your space.

Fabric suggestion:

River RV-21 Beige (velour)

Contact us to learn more about adding a little ZEN to your work environment

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