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Freestanding Screens


The collection of SONIC freestanding screens mixes minimalist design with superb quality.  In a variety of sizes to meet all needs, the SONIC freestanding screens can be used as room dividers, for noise reduction and with the optional whiteboard can be used during lectures to write down key points.  



Fabric Collections

Finish Collections



  • Screens are certified with class-A acoustic absorption

  • Zipper fastener

  • Frame solid wood structure

  • Spacers to connect multiple screens

  • Freestanding feet

  • Optional wheels with brakes

  • Optional dry-wipe whiteboard

  • Group I:  Nemo

  • Group II:  Runner, Medley, Atlantic, Vita, Mica, Medley, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Synergy, Oceanic, Quest, Grain

  • Group IV:  Atlas


  • M009 Aluminum Semi-Matte / M015 White Semi-Matte / M115 Black Semi-Matte / M154 Anthracite Semi-Matte

  • Offices:  Open spaces / Meeting rooms / Lounge areas

  • Clinics:  Medical / Spa / Gyms

  • Other:  Schools / Libraries / Banks   

  • SONIC Freestanding Screens starting at $515 USD

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