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Freestanding Screens


The VIVA freestanding screen stands out with its unconventional design that attracts attention.  Combining aesthetics with outstanding acoustic properties allows for implementing VIVA in areas that should not lose their unique identity when being divided.  



Fabric Collections

Finish Collections



  • Screens are certified with class-A acoustic absorption

  • Zipper fastener

  • Frame steel pipe

  • Filling acoustic non woven with high sound absorption

  • Powder coated metal

  • Rotates 360 degrees - each panel rotates independently

  • Group I:  Nemo

  • Group II:  Runner, Medley, Atlantic, Vita, Mica, Medley, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Synergy, Tessa, Oceanic, Quest, Grain

  • Group IV:  Atlas


  • M009 Aluminum Semi-Matte / M015 White Semi-Matte / M115 Black Semi-Matte / M154 Anthracite Semi-Matte

  • Offices:  Open spaces / Meeting rooms / Lounge areas

  • Clinics:  Medical / Spa / Gyms

  • Other:  Schools / Libraries / Banks   

  • VIVA Freestanding Screens starting at $1155 USD

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