Acoustic Panels

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Acoustic wall panels feature a variety of solutions.  Numerous forms, such as squares, rectangles, and circles enable users to create remarkable patterns with their creativity.  The panels' built-in class A certified Sonic technology effectively improves the acoustic properties of the room in which they are installed.  Select from MIX, SONIC and BAZALTO wall panels. 



  • A-class acoustic certificate

  • Sonic technology

  • Chipboard frame, acoustic non-woven

  • Fixing elements

Fabric Collections

  • Nemo

  • Group II:  Runner, Atlantic, Medley, Vita, Mica, Medley, Go Check, Charles

  • Group III:  Xtreme, Synergy

  • Group iV:  Atlas, Field 2


  • MIX - square / rectangles / triangles / circles

  • SONIC - rectangular 

  • BAZALTO - hexagon


  • MIX wall panels starting  at $84USD

  • SONIC wall panels starting at $294 USD

  • BAZALTO wall panels starting at $129 USD

MIX Wall Panels

SONIC Wall Panels

BAZALTO Wall Panels